Manuel Cáceres (1-22 Julio): El estilo de la escuela de Marcelo barbero y Arcángel Fernández

René Baarslag (23 Julio-13 Agosto) El estilo de construcción de la escuela granadina

-Course intended for professionals-


The European Guitar Foundation created this course to, according to its main objective, keep promoting the spanish guitar in all its facets and disciplines. On this occasion, we have designed this highly specialized course hand in hand with two world class Master guitar makers from two different schools and styles, but who share a common purpose: to spread their knowledge, to help the upcoming generation of makers and to promote and enhance the value of guitar making ant the spanish guitar. With this two courses, independent of each other, the student will live the unique experience of making a guitar with one of these masters, while using the student’s own solera, tools and tonewood. In such manner, we pretend that the student feels confident and is able to get the most out of the course, building the guitar with his own material. EGF has decided to pay tribute to the legendary guitar making Master “Manuel de la Chica”, giving his name to this new event in the Granada International Guitar Festival.





The students must provide:

-Their own solera, on which the instrument will be assembled.

-Their own guitar making hand tools (chisels, saws, hand planes, and any other considered necessary)

-All woods required for the project. Tuners, bones, frets...

Woods for the guitar must be pre-processed in the following manner:

-Sides must be bent with the final shape (no linings or tentellones glued) Sides thickness is to be decided by the student.

-Guitar top must have the rosette glued, cut to the shape of the plantilla, and              thicknessed down to 2.8 mm, to be further thinned during the course. Bars or braces must not ne glued.

-The back must be thicknessed down to 2.6mm, center purfling glued in, and cut to the plantilla shape.

All wood for the  internal structure of the guitar must be provided by the student.

Back bars must be long and thick enough to be further shaped during the course.

Side linings must be bent and ready to be glued.

For the bracing, the student must provide several piece with ample measurements to work with them during the course, as well as the necessary tools to thickness and shape them.

The student must provide wood for the soundhole reinforcement.

The student must provide the peones or tentellones, ready to be glued.


The neck plank will have its particular head shape completely carved and finished and slots routed. Interior heel will be completed, but with extra material to be planed and shaped where it meets the back of the guitar.

Fingerboard must be thicknessed down to 7.5 mm.

The student will provide a rosewood bridge plank, as well as tie block frame, with string holes already drilled in it.


The student must provide binding and purfling of his/her choice, preferably simple in design.


The student can freely choose the woods to be used for the guitar.




Important Information:

This course is not aimed at beginners, it is an advanced training course. It is the student’s responsibility to be able to carry on with the necessary work by himself. The master will not necessarily work on each individual guitar, but will give indications to the students. If the guitar is not completed, or the student is not able to keep up with the work it is entirely the student’s responsibility.

The student is responsible for his own meals, lodging and travel expenses.

Working will be Monday to Friday mornings, occasionally some evenings if necessary.

If a student enrolls in the course lacking the necessary skills to keep up with the work, it will be his own responsibility and the Master may not be able to give indications.

The Master guitar maker will sign each individual guitar together with the student.


The student will be given a Certificate of Attendance issued by de European Guitar Foundation




Deadline: May 15, 2019


A limited number of 12 places is available for each course. Places are awarded in order of registration. 

For the celebration of this course a minimum of 5 students are required, with the EGF reserving the right to cancel the course, if these 5 places are not covered.